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There are some other characteristics of object systems that are outside the scope of the object model. Some of these concepts are aspects of application architecture, some are associated with specific domains to which object technology is applied. Such concepts are more properly dealt with in an architectural reference model. Examples of excluded concepts are compound objects, links, copying of objects, change management, and transactions. Also outside the scope of the object model is the model of control and execution.

An identifier for a definition must be spelled consistently (with respect to case) throughout a specification. When comparing two identifiers to see if they collide: • Upper- and lower-case letters are treated as the same letter. Figure 2 on page 3-3 defines the equivalence mapping of upper- and lower-case letters. , “Á” and “A” are not considered equivalent). • All characters are significant. There is only one namespace for OMG IDL identifiers. Using the same identifier for a constant and an interface, for example, produces a compilation error.

The hexadecimal digits include a or A through f or F with decimal values ten through fifteen, respectively. For example, the number twelve can be written 12, 014, or 0XC. Character Literals A character literal is one or more characters enclosed in single quotes, as in ’x’. Character literals have type char. A character is an 8-bit quantity with a numerical value between 0 and 255 (decimal). 1) character set standard (See Figure 2 on page 3-3, Figure 3 on page 3-4, and Figure 4 on page 3-4). The value of a null is 0.

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