Conflict and Cooperation by Schmid A.A.

By Schmid A.A.

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And cognition. However, technology and ideology may also interact as technology gives a different world-view. Technology can act as a metaphor and affect institutions apparently unrelated – for example the change may be in astronomy, computers, or biology and have effects on thinking in economics as applied to markets, etc. (Mirowski 2002). Socialized, transacting individuals are subconsciously doing what the analyst is trying to do – make sense out of institutional impact, plus creating themselves.

Knowledge analysis asks how preferences and purposes are formed and how technology and institutions change. These themes will be developed in subsequent chapters. 5 The place of institutional economics in policy analysis Institutional economics is a complement to the theory of the firm and to policy analysis in general. There is more to policy analysis than the impact of alternative rights or adding behavioral science. Institutional economics focuses on the link between institutional alternatives and human behavior while production theory focuses on the link between that behavior and the output of goods and services.

A full understanding of institutional change must account for rather global changes in cognition and ideas that are broader than any specific industry such as meat noted above. But at the same time it must account for the conflicting interests and their ability to use government. Who has access to the Supreme Court and the legislature? How do constitutional and other rules for making rules affect the outcomes of these interest group struggles? A theory of institutional change without an analysis of politics is as incomplete as it would be if it ignored the evolution of ideology and images.

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