Conceptual tension : essays on kinship, politics, and by Leon J. Goldstein, David Schultz, Vincent M. Colapietro

By Leon J. Goldstein, David Schultz, Vincent M. Colapietro

Conceptual stress: Essays on Kinship, Politics, and Individualism is a severe philosophical exam of the function of recommendations and notion formation in social sciences. Written by way of Leon J. Goldstein, a preeminent Jewish thinker who tested the epistemological foundations of social technological know-how inquiry in the course of the moment 1/2 the 20 th century, the e-book undertakes a research of inspiration formation and alter by means of taking a look at the 4 serious phrases in anthropology (kinship), politics (parliament and Rousseau’s proposal of the final will), and sociology (individualism). the writer demanding situations triumphing notions of idea formation and definition, in particular assertions by means of Gottlieb Frege that thoughts have mounted, transparent barriers that aren't topic to alter. in its place, drawing upon arguments by means of R.G. Collingwood, Goldstein asserts that options have a historic measurement with obstacles and meanings that adjust with their use and context. Goldstein’s paintings offers perception for philosophers, historians, political scientists, anthropologists, and Judaica students attracted to the research and that means of severe techniques inside of their fields.

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From the mid-1960s to the end of his career, Goldstein would repeatedly discuss Collingwood as he sought to refine his views on history and distinguish them from Collingwood’s. But if the past were only accessible through the present, then there was a danger that history would also go down the path of the German Idealists. Goldstein wanted to save history from this fate. His aim was to accept many of the Kantian arguments as they would apply to history yet still distinguish his theory from being xlviii David Schultz simply Kantian-reductionism or idealism.

Again, Hempel argued, for example, that historical explanation required the formulation of general laws if it were to produce real knowledge and explanations. 45 This theory, referred to as the covering law model, was highly influential not only in the philosophy of history but also in the social sciences in general. It became a general argument for what the social sciences needed to do if they were to emulate and achieve the rigor of the hard sciences. 46 In fact, many social scientists and philosophers immediately after World War II concurred with the idea that the hard sciences provided the model for what social scientific knowledge should be like.

In part, it was also through Kaminsky that Goldstein came to know some of the later Wittgenstein (Philosophical Investigations). 82 This is important because the later Wittgenstein modified many of his earlier claims about language, especially when it came to the meaning of words. In Philosophical Investigations, Wittgenstein would place more emphasis upon how words get their meaning based on their use and in relationship to their context. 83 This shift in Wittgenstein is important because even though Goldstein does not make explicit reference to Philosophical Investigations in Conceptual Tension, there is no question that some of the ideas expressed in it have affinities to arguments made in Wittgenstein.

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