Communal Dialects in Baghdad by Haim Blanc

By Haim Blanc

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With base-final y or IV, the phonetic result is unchanged in lC (exlV + el + i --+ lCfexwetil 'my brothers'), but in M we get exlV + al + i --+ lexiJtil ' my brothers', and leby + al + i --+ Ilei)itil 'my beard', with stress fluctuating between the first and second syllable. Similarly, with the dual suffix : M/ karwal 'fare', IkariJtenl 'two fares', Ilei)itenl 'two beards', whereas lC have such forms as llmaswal . 'way of walking', j meswetenj 'two ways of walking' for which C has Imasyetenj or Imasiten/.

Ibibitij 'my grandmother' Ibibiyathuml 'their gra ndmother' . Both M/, abaj and /, abaya/ 'mantle' give /' abatecl 'your (f. ) mantle', /,abataj 'his mantle', etc . (c) The qellu area as a who le has the same -/etj as JC which, without tbe same stress pattern, is common throughout the Arab world. The -jatj of M is found in the other gelel-dia lects and in the peninsular area, and is rarc elsewhere. 34 Unit nouns. (a) One of the functions of the feminine morpheme 73 is the formation ' of unit nouns out of nouns denoting aggregates: M/semac/, l CfsafQakl 'fish', M jsemcaj, Jjsamk~j, Cfsamakil 'a fish'.

Words like MJC/jaml 'glass' . are slightly ·more problematic, but if we wish to consider them as having a pattern qall-, we may consider K2 in such cases to be a ' with which the pattern element a merges into la/. At any rate, qetl- and qat/-words with K,-y or IV show nothing special, except of course lack of anaptyxis in MC and the normal behavior of long vowels in 1. However, in the "unmerged" forms with phonemic Iyl and Iw/, note that /jaysl undergoes no change when suffixes are added, whereas Izawjl and Izawjal behave as with any other K, : lzawejhal 'her husband', Izawejtil 'my wife'.

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