Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Computing and Simulink by Steven Karris

By Steven Karris

This article is written to be used in a moment path in circuit research. It includes a spectrum of topics starting from the main summary to the main sensible, and the fabric will be coated in a single semester or quarters.The reader of this ebook must have the conventional undergraduate wisdom of an introductory circuit research fabric equivalent to Circuit research I with MATLAB Computing and Simulink / SimPowerSystems Modeling, ISBN 978-1-934404-17-1. one other prerequisite will be a easy wisdom of differential equations, and commonly, engineering scholars at this point have taken all required arithmetic classes. Appendix H serves as a assessment of differential equations with emphasis on engineering similar subject matters and it's endorsed for readers who may have a evaluate of this topic. for more information. please stopover at the Orchard courses web site.

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24. 24. 23. 25. 4 Other Second Order Circuits Second order circuits are not restricted to RLC circuits. They include amplifiers and filter among others, and since it is beyond the scope of this text to analyze such circuits in detail, we will illustrate the transient analysis of a second order active lowpass filter. 26 a known as a Multiple Feed Back (MFB) active lowpass filter. For this circuit, the initial conditions are v C1 = v C2 = 0 . Compute and sketch v out  t  for t  0 . 26. 83) 130 Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Computing and Simulink / SimPowerSystems Modeling Copyright © Orchard Publications Other Second Order Circuits We observe that v 2 = 0 (virtual ground).

The total response will consist of the natural response v n  t  which we already know from the previous example, and the forced response v f  t  which is the AC steadystate response, will be found by phasor analysis. 76) Now, we need to evaluate the constants k and  . 76) using MATLAB as follows, and then we evaluate it at t = 0 . 23. The plot was created with the MATLAB script below. 23. 24. 24. 23. 25. 4 Other Second Order Circuits Second order circuits are not restricted to RLC circuits.

62) v  t  = e  5 + k2 t  As before, we need to compute the derivative dv  dt in order to apply the second initial condition and find the value of the constant k 2 . 19. 19. 67), we see that at t = 0 , v  t  = 5 V and thus the second initial condition is satisfied. 67). 20, i L  0  = 2 A and v C  0  = 5 V . Compute and sketch v  t  for t  0 . 20. 5 Solution: This is the same circuit as the that of the two previous examples except that the resistance has been increased to 50  . 96 and as before, 2 1 1  0 = -------- = ---------------------------- = 64 10  1  640 LC Also,  20   2P .

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