Choosing Between Possible Lives: Law and Ethics of Prenatal by Rosamund Scott

By Rosamund Scott

Sleek advances in clinical technological know-how recommend that, sooner or later, potential mom and dad may be in a position to, in a few conditions, decide upon the actual and highbrow attributes in their offspring. This publication examines the moral and criminal arguments so that it will be introduced into play if and while mom and dad search to make such offerings.

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10 Columns Design Ltd / Job: Scott / Division: 2ScottIntro_final /Pg. Position: 7 / Date: 31/10 JOBNAME: Scott PAGE: 8 SESS: 1273 OUTPUT: Tue Nov 27 16:34:50 2007 8 Introduction kind, and to select a child of a given sex. The first would be an unusual choice for parents to make, while the second is one that may be of interest to quite a number of prospective parents, at least in cases where they are already undergoing IVF. It is often thought that to select an embryo that would come to be a child with an impairment would be to harm it, but it is not clear that we can say this, at least using a comparative sense of harm.

They are contemplating having a child. Moral reflection on this issue should therefore entail a consideration not just of the interests of a possible child but also of the prospective parents, as well as the relationship between the two. I begin this work in Section II, when I consider the nature of reproductive autonomy and whether it should extend to decisions about what kind of child someone has, rather than only the ‘prior’ question of whether he or she has a child. Where reproductive autonomy is to be exercised where a fetus Columns Design Ltd / Job: Scott / Division: 3ScottCh1_final /Pg.

10 Generally, as the entirely misleading and unhelpful term ‘designer baby’ indicates, there is a good deal of societal concern about the degree to which we should permit various kinds of testing in PGD. 11 Broadly speaking, PGD could occur in two main ways, either by selecting against certain features or conditions (what is sometimes called ‘negative’ selection), or by selecting in favour of other features or conditions (sometimes called ‘positive’ selection). In fact, in either case one is implicitly selecting both for and against a given aspect at the same time but the terms represent, to some extent, a useful shorthand way of describing any given kind of selection.

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