Choosing and Using Spices by S.Morris, L.Mackley

By S.Morris, L.Mackley

An absolutely entire consultant to the entire accepted and lesser-known spices and conventional spice blends, entire with info on education and cooking. contains over a hundred vintage and modern recipes from all over the world, each one with easy-to-follow directions and an excellent photograph of the completed dish.

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Carawa)1 fruit or seed, carVles (Scottish), OTHER NAMES: AR. Caraway is also a vital ingredient in the liqueur Kiimmel, in Aqua­ vit, a favourite tipple of the karaw)la This is one of the world's oldest culinm) spices, with evi­ dence of seeds found in the remains of food from the Mesolithic age, about 5,000 years ago. Caraway was used to flavour bread eaten by Roman soldiers and its pop­ Scandinavians, and as an ingre­ dient in gin and schnapps. To round off a meal, the seeds can be infused in water which is just olT the boil and served as a tisane.

Rub tough meat with the seeds and the skin of the fruit, or wrap it in papaya leaves (if available) and leave 37 ~ The Spice Index to marinate for several hours. Remove the papaya leaf wrapping before cook­ ing. Crushed papaya seeds can be added to minced meat for koftas (spicy meatballs) or to a marinade for meat. Crushed papaya seeds can be added to salad dressings or sauces to serve with fish. They also add texture and flavour to a fruit salad. The fresh fruit can be served in slim wedges with freshen the breath, and they are widely used as pessaries, also as a medicine for flatulence and piles.

The buds native to the Moluccas, part of the Indonesian archipelago. It was grown exclusively in the Moluccas until the early 18th century, when the French namon to the Seychelles, to carry seedlings to Mauritius. The trees flour­ ished in Mauritius, and subsequently further seedlings were taken to the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba on the East African coast, now the world's change from a pale russet colour to a darker brown as they dry slowly in the sun. This process cannot be hastened or the cloves become dry, brittle and ground cloves ea, 50 largest producer of cloves.

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