China & Pakistan: Diplomacy of an Entente Cordiale (Foreign by Anwar Hussain Syed

By Anwar Hussain Syed

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But Hindu hatred of the Muslim goes far beyond the somewhat generalized hatred of the outsider. This is a deep-seated, far-reaching, "maniacal" hatred, beginning with the arrival of Muslim rule in India and swelling with the passage of centuries. The Hindu nationalist, Chaudhuri says, made connections with India's ancient Sanskritic foundations; he even sought a synthesis of his tradition with that of Europe; but he saw no place for Islam or the Muslims in the system he wished to develop. "The new Indian culture of the nineteenth century built a perimeter of its own and put specifically Muslim influences and aspirations beyond the pale.

He observes that the Indian renaissance, following the establishment of British rule, arose partly from a revival of Hindu culture and its traditions and enabled the Hindu mind to regain the self-confidence it had lost during the period of Muslim rule. During that period there had been some interaction: Muslims adopted certain aspects of the Hindu caste system; Hindus adopted certain Muslim social usages, conventions, and artistic forms. " Muslim rule, Kothari goes on to say, demoralized the "people" (that is, Hindus) and their leaders.

The Chinese have been good and loyal friends, but they are not omnipotent. Pakistan's confrontation with India represented a goal far out of proportion to her own means of sustaining it. When, in 1971, her domestic dissension turned into a civil war and India became an ally of the Soviet Union, the balance between Pakistan's ends and means(including such as the Chinese might contribute) became badly deranged. The tragic failure of her policyher defeat and dismemberment at Indian handsresulted more from a precipitous enlargement of her security problem than from any inherent defect in her China policy.

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