Ceramic Cutting Tools by E. Dow Whitney (Editor)

By E. Dow Whitney (Editor)

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When a sharp crack initiates in an Al,O, matrix containing PSZ particles, energy is extracted from the crack as it strikes a PSZ particle and is redirected by the particle. The subject of crack deflection in brittle materials is A number of complex and is at present, largely empirical. tribology studies on materials containing a crack-deflecting second phase have been presented in recent years. Reference [ 191 is typical of these studies. In this investigation, it was found that the rate of wear (wear coefficient) was several orders of magnitude less for Al,O, sliding dry on Al,O, in a pin-on-disk test than when silicon carbide whiskers were present.

Nationwide, poor productivity, excessive tool-changing downtime, and unacceptable part quality often result due to the performance of cutting tools purchased with cost as the primary determining factor. INTRODUCTION Figure 3-l provides a longitudinal perspective (not a cutting speed recommendation) on the development of cutting tool materials. As metallurgical/material technology advanced, the improvement in the performance of cutting tools followed. Advancements in cutting tools depend entirely on improving the chemical composition and/or the manufacturing process of the tool material.

Khadlikar, G. W. H. S. Sheu, “Dispersion and Rheology in Ceramic Processing, ” in Ceramic Powder Science, Advances in Ceramics, Vol. L. S. W. A. , Westerville, OH, pp. 495515 (1987). F. Lange, “Processing Related Fracture Origins,” J. Am. Cer. , f$:396 (1983). H. I. Wilson, “Ceramics Based on the Si-Al-ON and Related Systems,” Nature Physical Science, 238128 (1972). 2 Tool Life Department Milton C. Shaw Arizona State University of Mechanical and Aerospace Tempe, Arizona Engineering INTRODUCTION There are important similarities as well as important differences between ceramic cutting tools and those of tungsten carbide and high speed steel relative to endurance.

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