Catalyst 5.8, the Perl MVC Framework: Build scalable and by Antano Solar John

By Antano Solar John

The publication is written in an exploratory variety: try out anything after which know how it really works. it's going to advisor you thru the beneficial properties of Catalyst utilizing real-world examples and systematic code snippets. when you are a Perl Developer and need to bolster your ability by means of realizing internet software improvement utilizing MVC rules, then this e-book is for you.

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Pm. pm file. 04005 @ 2010-04-05 13:32:11 # DO NOT MODIFY THIS OR ANYTHING ABOVE! md5sum:N/kFLKKfXHgpLqDgCGl9WA # You can replace this text with custom content, and it will be preserved on regeneration 1; The only modification we need to make is to define a relation from addresses to people. This relation is called belongs_to relation and looks like the following: __PACKAGE__->belongs_to( person => 'AddressBook::Schema::AddressDB::Result::People'); This simply says that the person column in this table is a foreign key into the AddressBook::Schema::AddressDB::Result::People table.

Path | | Private +-------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | / | | /index | / | | /default | /hello | | /hello/index '-------------------------------------+---------------------------------' Notice that this table has two columns, Path and Private. pm) and method (sub index) it would get mapped to. [ 33 ] Creating a Catalyst Application Let us revise what just happened: my ( $self, $c, @args ) = @_; my $word = $args[0] || 'Default word'; $c->stash->{word} = $word; The first line receives all the arguments from the URL in @args.

Catalyst looks for it to determine where the root of your application is. • Changes: This is simply a free-form text file where you can document changes to your application. It's not required, but it can be helpful to end users or other developers working on your application, especially if you're writing an open source application. • README: This is just a text file with information on your application. conf: This is your application's main configuration file, which is not going to distribute your application, you don't need to keep it around.

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