Canada and the OAS: From Dilettante to Full Partner by Peter McKenna

By Peter McKenna

This ebook lines the constructing dating among Canada and the oas (Organization of yankee States) and the pau (Pan American Union) earlier than Canada's accession to complete club within the former association in 1989.

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12 The subsequent inquiry lasted six days, from December 18-23, and it took the members to San Jose and Managua. Once there, they interviewed government and military officials from both governments and spoke with exiled Costa Rican leaders in Nicaragua. Amid a growing sense that both sides were prepared to settle the controversy, the committee presented its final report to the provisional Organ of Consultation on 24 December. Based on the findings of the report, which specifically censured Nicaragua for allowing its territory to be used by the invading force, the council responded promptly.

THE AMERICAN TREATY ON PACIFIC SETTLEMENT The basic aim of the American Treaty on Pacific Settlement, popularly known as the Pact of Bogota, was to provide a comprehensive mechanism for settling inter-American disputes peacefully. 60 Like the charter, though, the Pact of Bogota was a product of the 1948 International Conference of American States, which took place in Bogota. Unlike the charter, it has not been ratified by a sufficient number of states. )61 In the main, the pact is not taken seriously by OAS members—as indicated by the fact that it has never been used and by the small number of states that have ratified the pact.

S. governments—whether acting under the aegis of the Monroe Doctrine, the Roosevelt Corollary or the Truman Doctrine—have only exacerbated this fear. While the concept of Pan-Americanism experienced difficulties and strains throughout the 1889-1948 period, it still remained a dominant theme. There was a realization among Latin American political and economic elites, irrespective of the fact that forging an inter-American community would make for an uneasy marriage, that Pan-Americanism offered the best possible option.

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