Business Plans Handbook, Volume 2: A Compilation of Actual by Kristin Kahrs

By Kristin Kahrs

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What expenses are allowable? Models Deliveries Travel Stats Research Other 19. Is there a kill fee, or will I bill for time at my hourly rate if the job should not go to completion? Kill fee Hourly Rate Neither 20. Has budget been established? Fixed Ball Park Estimate Required 21. Will there be a purchase order, or will I need to prepare a letter of agreement? Purchase order Letter of Agreement 22. Materials Supplied by Client: 23. Deadline Schedule: Materials to writer Outline First Draft Revisions Noted Final Draft Notes: Estimating Worksheet Date: Client Project Job# Proposal required by: Projected start date: Projected finish date: Revision#: Client PO# Job Specifications Dimensions/format/size/scope: Number of pages/images/item: Quantity: Colors: Paper/fold/presentation: Number of photos/illustrations: Number of words: Number of charts/graphs/graphics: Special considerations: 32 Gale Research Inc.

Fill out deposit slip c. Record on deposit slip d. Deposit $ e. Record deposit in checkbook. Gale Research Inc. Accounting Checklist 35 Freelance Editor BUSINESS PLAN WORD FOR WORD 668 Sycamore Dr. Pine Bluff, FL 55379 April 1995 The following plan represents another example of a home-based editorial services company started fulfill the author's goals of independence and career control. Whereas the previous plan was for a company offering a broader range of services, this author has found a niche for her unique skills.

Contracts range from singlevisit behavior counseling to 16 week training sessions encompassing all on- and off-leash commands. Training is tailored to the desires of the customer. Training Customers call for an initial appointment with a member of our handling staff. Contracts detailing the specifics of the handling desired are drawn and signed. Contracts range from single show to full Champion titles in confirmation and obedience titles. Pre-confirmation handling is required in all handling contracts to allow the dog to become familiar with, and bond to, the handler.

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