Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL web development by Michael Glass; et al

By Michael Glass; et al

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Hypertext Preprocessor ist die Abkürzung für "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", eine Skriptsprache, die sich in HTML einbinden lässt. Viele der syntaktischen Möglichkeiten sind den Programmiersprachen C. Java und Perl entnommen und es wurden auch einige PHP-spezifische beneficial properties entwickelt. Das Ziel der Sprache ist es. das Schreiben von Programmen zur Erzeugung von dynamisch generierten Seiten zu erleichtem und zu beschleunigen.

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Combining slicing edge-science with thought-provoking discourses approximately morality, faith and the which means of existence, Keith Ward offers a desirable tackle the technological know-how as opposed to faith debate, providing 'a 3rd method' that's certain to spark debate for future years.

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Figure 2-2 39 Chapter 2 You can see that by inserting some HTML code within the PHP section of the program, you accomplish two things: ❑ You can improve the look of your site. ❑ You can keep PHP lines of code together without having to jump back and forth between HTML and PHP. If you view the source of your HTML code you will see the HTML code you inserted using the echo function displayed just as you intended. Considerations with HTML Inside PHP Let’s discuss some pitfalls commonly seen with the practice of inserting HTML inside PHP.

Truly professional code follows three general guidelines: ❑ Consistency: Blocks of well-written code always look the same and have the same indents and ways of coding, such as syntax shortcuts that use bracket placement and formatting styles consistently throughout the program. The great thing about PHP is that it really doesn’t care about tabs or indents, so you are free to create a style all your own, one that works best for you. 35 Chapter 2 In addition, while there may be more than one syntax for accomplishing the same goal, good coders will be consistent throughout their code with whichever method they choose.

Okay—there might be a few more things you need to learn, but this gets you started. The Importance of Coding Practices Before we jump in, it is important to realize how the structure of your code can affect your program. As far as the Web server parsing the PHP code, the structure of your code really doesn’t matter. To the server, your code will show up as one continuous line regardless of tabs, indents, and line returns. But to the human eye, how well your code is organized can really make a difference.

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