Beating Depression: The Complete Guide to Depression and How by Stefan Cembroxicz

By Stefan Cembroxicz

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Make sure that you have something enjoyable to look forward to in your week. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises or meditation will all help keep tension – and hence tiredness – under control. Diagnosis of depressive illness Depressive illness cannot be diagnosed by a blood test or a scan – there is no single test that can diagnose depression with certainty. What the doctor is looking for is evidence that a person is ill, and ill with depression – they are not able to function normally and they feel different.

In this situation it is often helpful to let some time pass, and to keep in touch for review. Then we can look at any new symptoms and reconsider the question of depression once they have had a chance to digest what we’ve said. It is important for doctor and patient to keep an open mind. What does the term ‘dual-diagnosis’ mean? Dual-diagnosis is a term that is used when someone has a combination of a psychiatric illness plus a problem with alcohol or substance abuse. Some people may be more vulnerable to 22 Beating Depression substance abuse because of their depression or other psychiatric conditions; others may be trying to control their own feelings by ‘medicating’ themselves with alcohol or street drugs.

After puberty twice as many girls as boys become depressed. About 5 adolescents in 100 become depressed. Depressive illness in adolescents can be difficult to spot. Anger, irritability, 26 Beating Depression withdrawing from friends and alienation from parents, academic underachieving, low self-esteem and sadness may all indicate depression – or be a reflection of the challenges and turmoil of normal adolescence. ). Delusions (abnormal beliefs) and hallucinations (abnormal perceptions) are less common than in adults.

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