Battleship Indiana and her part in the Spanish-American War by Ch. William G. Cassard USN

By Ch. William G. Cassard USN

В книге представлена история линкора Индиана - участника вооруженного конфликта между Испанией и США в 1898 г.

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Several of our shells were take effect on these vessels. Our secondary battery guns were directed principally on the destroyers, as also were the 6-inch guns. The destroyers were sunk through the agency of our guns and those of the Gloucester, which vessel had come up and engaged them close aboard. The vessel, initial fire of all the Spanish ships was directed at this and although falling very close, only struck the ship twice, without injury to ship or crew. Our ranges were obtained by stadimetre angles on the Morro emerged, and then by angles on the tops of the rear ships.

When everything was apparently ready for the convoys and transports to sail, there fleet just of its nature came the alarming news of a Spanish outside, waiting to play havoc with the troops and the The Indiana at once started out with several made a thorough three days' search of all and bays along the coast of Cuba to the north, as well ships en route. smaller vessels, and the inlets as of keeping a lookout on the open any sort could be discovered. sea, but not an unfriendly craft Captain Taylor returned and so reported to the authorities.

One by one. By means of a long glass the people in the streets could be seen hurrying either to the water front to verify rumors or hastening in the opposite direction toward their homes. It was not very long before the city was thoroughly aroused to dangers they knew not liancy throughout the of, and darkness took the place of brilBut no shots were fired, and city. Havana was unharmed. Nerve-wearing blockade duty continued with few incidents of importance until the news came of the approach of Admiral Cervera's squadron, about the only relief being the prospect of a cable-cutting expedition of which the Indiana was to be senior ship and Captain Taylor in manded by command, but which was counter- orders from Washington just as the work was about to be begun.

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