Approaches, Levels, and Methods of Analysis in International by Harvey Starr (eds.)

By Harvey Starr (eds.)

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A classic case in point, referred to above, is the development of the immediate outskirts of Paris in the late nineteenth century: railroads could offer low-priced day excursions; villagers could invest in rowboats for hourly rentals; and riverside cafés could flourish in close proximity to rail spurs. Another Parisian example were the so-called café concerts, in which singers and other musicians were hired by the owners of large eating 42 DAVID SYLVAN and drinking establishments, which themselves were built on the assumption that they could earn a profit if they attracted an extensive clientele.

We could transform our data into a series of annual observations for each dispute, although we know that the states in our data set fail to negotiate in nearly 75 percent of the years in our sample. 1). 5, respectively). When testing the explanatory power of the two domestic politics models, we also include the realist variables in the regression equation. This is because we do not necessarily view the domestic and realist models as incompatible, but rather view the realist variables as a baseline to which additional domestic political factors might be important.

HUTH political institutions affect the ability of opposition groups to contest government policies. Thus, it is commonly argued that democratic leaders are typically more accountable for their foreign policy choices. This is because political opposition in democratic regimes is generally more capable of derailing policy programs and removing leaders from power due to institutions such as well-organized and independent political parties, regular competitive elections, and independent legislatures.

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