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2001) for transducers akin to the one used in this example. Fig. 3. Pressure transducer mounting location. 50 Fig. 4. Deviation of pressure readings respective to sample mean-value. a. degrees after compression TDC. a. degrees before compression TDC. Internal Combustion Engine Indicating Measurements 29 In cases of significant short-term drift, it is recommendable to mount the transducer via an adapter, which avoids its direct contact with the cylinder gas, thus eliminating local heating of the transducer components and, mainly, of its diaphragm.

13. Bode-diagram for zero- and first-order systems. In a second-order system response, as shown in Fig. 14, at low values of ω/ω n , values of L (ω ) and φ(ω ) remain near to zero. This indicates that information concerning the input signal of frequency, ω, will be passed through to the output with little attenuation and phase lag. This region of frequency response curves is called the transmission band. The actual extent of the frequency range for near unity gain depends on the system damping ratio, ζ.

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 190, pp. 137-151. Maunoury, B. ; Duverger, T. ; Mokaddem, K. & Lacas, F. I. Diesel Engine. SAE Paper 2002-01-1161. Payri, F. ; Olmeda, P. ; Guardiola, C. & Martín, J. (2011) Adaptive Determination of Cut-off Frequencies for Filtering the In-cylinder Pressure in Diesel Engines Combustion Analysis. Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 31, pp. 2869-2876. Pinchon, P. (1984) Calage Thermodynamique du Point Mort Haut des Moteurs à Piston. Revue de l'institut du Pétrole, Vol 39(1).

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