Antifoundationalism Old and New by Tom Rockmore, Beth J Singer

By Tom Rockmore, Beth J Singer

The controversy over foundationalism, the point of view that there exists a few safe beginning upon which to construct a approach of wisdom, seems to be to were resolved and the antifoundationalists have no less than briefly prevailed. From a firmly ancient technique, the booklet strains the foundationalism/antifoundationalism controversy within the paintings of many very important figures—Animaxander, Aristotle and Plato, Augustine, Descartes, Hegel and Nietzsche, Habermas and Chisholm, and others—throughout the background of philosophy. The individuals, Joseph Margolis, Ronald Polansky, Gary Calore, Fred and Emily Michael, William Wurzer, Charlene Haddock Siegfried, Sandra B. Rosenthal, Kathleen Wallace, and the editors current good the range, curiosity, and roots of antifoundationalism.

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62. Hans-Georg Gadamer, Truth and Method, trans. from znd ed. Garrett Barden and John Cumming (New York: Seabury Press, 1975), p. 408; italics added. 63. Cf. Heidegger, Being and Time, p. 38 (pp. 16-17 in the German pagination). Two Foundationalism RONALD in Plato? POLANSKY The several forms of foundationalist theories of knowledge aim to avoid infinite regresses of justifications through locating principles that stop the regress and justify whatever else is known. Strong forms of foundationalism require that these principles be in some sense self-certifying, for example, by direct presentation through sense perception or immediate intuition of the mind.

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