Analyticity, Necessity, and the Epistemology of Semantics by Jerrold J Katz

By Jerrold J Katz

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If so, of what? Of judgements, beliefs, judgings or propositions? Is the property of truth a mere appearance or is it ineliminable? What sort of a tie is truth-making? Is it a relation? Or is talk of x making y F merely elliptical for some sort of non-relational tie of explanation or grounding? What sort of entity is a truth-maker if every truth has one? Pfänder gives clear answers to many of these questions. Some of the answers are to be found elsewhere in the phenomenological tradition. But the views of McTaggart in 1921 are also, as we shall see, very close to some of the views put forward in the same year by Pfänder.

14. (TMN) can account for the fact that objects are truth-makers for essential predications. 15. Another example to illustrate Parsons’s point would be the following: intuitively the proposition that the second Beatle exists is made true by Paul McCartney, but the existence of Paul McCartney does not necessitate the truth of this proposition. 16. So there are good reasons for the truth-maker theorist to reject the converse Barcan formula. The converse Barcan formula fails, for example, in Kripke’s famous system of modal logic.

But it nevertheless shows that a defender of the claim that truth supervenes on being has options to react to the asymmetry objection. Thirdly, some philosophers have argued that the thesis that truth supervenes on being is an incorrect interpretation of the undeniable Moorean fact that if a proposition is true in one world and not true in another world, then there must be some difference between these two worlds. A defender of the slogan that 29 A. RAMI truth supervenes on being misinterprets this fact in so far as he claims that the difference between worlds must be a difference in being (cf.

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