A second course in general topology by Heikki Junnila

By Heikki Junnila

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Differential Geometry. Proc. conf. Lyngby, 1985

The Nordic summer time college 1985 offered to younger researchers the mathematical features of the continued study stemming from the research of box theories in physics and the differential geometry of fibre bundles in arithmetic. the quantity contains papers, usually with unique traces of assault, on twistor tools for harmonic maps, the differential geometric elements of Yang-Mills conception, complicated differential geometry, metric differential geometry and partial differential equations in differential geometry.

Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar (GAFA) 1986–87

This is often the 3rd released quantity of the complaints of the Israel Seminar on Geometric points of useful research. the big majority of the papers during this quantity are unique study papers. there has been final 12 months a robust emphasis on classical finite-dimensional convexity thought and its reference to Banach house concept.

Lectures on the geometry of quantization

Those notes are in response to a direction entitled "Symplectic Geometry and Geometric Quantization" taught by means of Alan Weinstein on the collage of California, Berkeley (fall 1992) and on the Centre Emile Borel (spring 1994). the one prerequisite for the direction wanted is a data of the elemental notions from the idea of differentiable manifolds (differential kinds, vector fields, transversality, and so forth.

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Example Let d be a pseudometric of X and let r > s > 0. For every A ⊂ X, the family {Bd (x, s) : x ∈ A} is a partial refinement of the family {Bd (x, r) : x ∈ A}. Moreover, the cover {Bd (x, s) : x ∈ X} of X is a refinement of the cover {Bd (x, r) : x ∈ X}. 5 Definition A cover N of X is a point-star refinement of a cover L of X provided that the family {St(x, N ) : x ∈ X} is a refinement of L. The space X is fully normal provided that every open cover of X has an open point- star refinement. Example Let d be a pseudometric of X and let r > 0.

Then there exists a partition of unity {gα : α ∈ A} of X such that we have Supp(gα ) ⊂ Supp(fα ) for every α ∈ A and the family {Supp(gα ) : α ∈ A} is locally finite (as an indexed family). Proof. By Lemma 6, the function h = supα∈A fα is continuous. It follows that, for every α ∈ A, the set Uα = {x ∈ X : fα (x) > 1 h(x)} 2 is open. Note that the family U = {Uα : α ∈ A} covers X. We show that U is locally finite. Let x ∈ X. Then there exists αx ∈ A such that fαx (x) > 34 h(x). Denote by V the nbhd {z ∈ X : fαx (z) > 34 h(x)} of x.

Let ǫ > 0. Then there exists a finite cover K ⊂ N of X such that we have d(f (K)) ≤ ǫ for every K ∈ K. By Corollary 8, we have that K ∩ F = ∅ for every ˇ : K ∈ K} of N ˇ covers UN . Now, let F ∈ UN , and this means that the finite subfamily {K ˇ Then we have that K ∈ F and K ∈ H and hence that fˇ(F ) ∈ f (K) K ∈ K and F , H ∈ K. and fˇ(H) ∈ f (K). Since d(f (K)) ≤ ǫ, it follows that we have |fˇ(F ) − fˇ(H)| ≤ ǫ. We have shown that fˇ is Nˇ -uniformly continuous. 17 Lemma Let X be a Tihonov space.

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