A Manual of Petrology by Frederic Phillip Mennell

By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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And scaly muscovite, with separation of quartz then becomes cloudy or dirty-looking, and sometimes almost opaque. Varieties coloured pink or flesh-colour by iron are common, the colour showing well by reflected Decomposition often results in yellowish or light. brownish stains. In many rocks orthoclase occurs in good crystals in which the prism, basal plane, orthodome, and clinothe last-named face being especipinacoid predominate kaolin ; it ; Twinning takes place commonly in The most usual type is known as the Carlsbad an interpenetration twin, with a divisional ally well developed.

The Felspars are, of course, by far the most important may A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 39 members of the present group, constituting as they do the great bulk of many rock masses. They belong to two different systems of crystallization, their forms, however, being almost identical, and they vary much in chemical composition, though in directions strictly correlated with Orthodefinite variations in their physical properties. clase, the potash felspar, stands by itself as a member of the oblique prismatic system of crystallization.

An obtuse bisectrix bisects the obtuse angle between the axes, and in a section cut perpendicular to it the axes are generally invisible, though some coloured rings may be seen. FIG. 8. UNIAXIAL INTERFERENCE FIGURES. , perpendicular to ah optic axis, or to the acute bisectrix, as the case may be, and the thinness of the slice detracts much from the brilliancy of the figures. The crystal should be selected for examination which shows the lowest interference tints of any that are to be found in the slice, and, after centring with a low power, the double nose-piece is turned so as to bring the high power into action.

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