A Magickal Herball Compleat by Pino Longchild

By Pino Longchild

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Some say that it is hyssop, others that it may be marjoram, oregano or thyme. [8] A ritual designed to purify those who have had contact with the dead, involving the sacrifice of a young cow. [9] Various estimates for the weight of the thurible or Botafumeiro exist, giving its weight as between 87 and 160 kilograms. html or from issue 2571 of New Scientist magazine, 29 September 2006, page 40-45. [11] See Steve Andrews, Herbs of the Northern Shaman: A Guide to the Mind Altering Plants of the Northern Hemisphere, Loompanics, 2006.

John’s wort to St. John, St. Barnaby’s thistle to Saint Barnaby and shamrock to St. Patrick. Nice distinctions in the use of plants attributed to a god or saint are difficult to make but, to generalise, often when used in a religious sense they become meditative focal points with which to begin communication with the Divine or an intermediary (such as an angel). When employed in a magickal sense the plant becomes a symbol of the qualities of the god or saint that an individual desires to work with, to help bring a goal into reality.

For this reason I have included copyright free questionnaires in the appendix to this chapter that can be used whenever you have need. If you are going to use herbs to help others, give some thought to how you will use the questionnaire. A hurried consultation in a cluttered room will be of little benefit to anyone. Make sure you have enough paper and working pens to hand. I know this advice seems blindingly obvious, but you will be surprised how many people who are involved in this kind of work try to get away with charging huge sums for a really unbelievably poor service.

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